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3 Reasons Healthy Vending Isn't a Fad (and why you should get in now)

Posted by Makayla Seger - May 8, 2014 9:42:00 AM

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There's no Magic 8 Ball Needed.

When deciding to start a business, whether it is finding the best business opportunity or top rated franchise, there is a key decision to make: what you want to be known for. There are new business ideas popping up every day, and there are limitless possibilities. Before you can start reviewing all of the options, you should really figure out what you want to affiliate yourself with. There plenty of new trends, and even more fads. If you are looking for a business with staying power, you must look beyond the short term business ideas, to find something that will still be around. As an expert in the vending business, I can say this with certainty: healthy eating isn't a fad, and you should start working with healthy vending machines now.

#1 - When the Option Exists, It Gets Picked.

For many office workers, the break room is sanctity from the noise and madness of the daily grind. In most cases, that area has a few staples, such as a refrigerator, a microwave, and a vending machine. While you have control over what yo uput in the refrigerator, and certainly can pick what goes into the microwave, most office workers don't have a say over what goes in the vending machine. When ready for a snack, the vending machine becomes a buffet of bad choices, and most opt for the lesser of the evils.

When healthy vending machines exist in that break room, more office workers opt for these healthier alternatives. A few better choices throughout the day can add up to big health improvements, and general, overall wellness upgrades. When the individuals in an office feel better, they treat each other better, too - improving morale.

#2 - It's More than a Business - It's a Way of Life

Affinity businesses are built around a lifestyle, religious belief, or specific choice that the business's consumers have made. These businesses benefit from having a high rate of repeat business, strong customer loyalty, and great word of mouth referrals.

The movement to healthy living continues to swell in size and pace. As more individuals adopt healthier lifestyles and incorporate the tenets of smart living into their daily routines, they become passionate advocates who want to spread the word. These advocates want to spread the word in every way possible. When better options pop up in their daily lives, they help make it known to others. They use tools like social media and personal networking circles to promote the concept. As long as people continue to try to eat and live healthier, there will be business for healthy vending machines.

#3 - Continued Importance, Explosive Growth.

The US Government has placed a high priority on making it easier for the public to identify nutritional information related to the food they eat, so that individuals and families can make informed decisions. Vending nutritional information continues to change to align wtih these requirements and regulations. As more organizations step up to comply with regulations, as well as to help drive the healthy living movement, there are more healthy businesses available to purchase. Through the explosive growth of the healthy vending industry, Naturals 2 Go has continued to be a steady source of support, information, and mentorship for people looking to start a vending business.

Let's See Where This Goes.

If you've made it this far, and are excited about the possibilities, it's time we spoke. Use the button below to request a call from one of our passionate business coaches. They'll help you understand if our business opportunity is right for you!

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